Meet the Team: Co-Chairs


Kate Arnold, Co-Chair

Team Fox Boston has not only given me a way to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s Disease research, but also the opportunity to connect with a community of peers who have also experienced a loved one being diagnosed with the disease. Through our fundraising efforts, we are able to make a tangible contribution to the Michael J Fox Foundation and be a part of their mission to find a cure. I wish I had access to this group when my father was first diagnosed, but I’m privileged to be part of a community that supports so many now. Why Team Fox? Because I believe we will find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease during my lifetime and I look forward to the day when my father and so many others are healed.


Mary Kate McCann, Co-Chair

After my grandfather passed away with Parkinson's Disease in 2012, I knew I wanted to get involved to raise awareness and funds for a cure. I found Team Fox Boston and with it, a whole group of amazing friends who had shared similar experiences with PD. Working with a group of such motivated and inspiring individuals to support Parkinson's Disease research has been so rewarding. I am consistently in awe of the creative ways this team comes up with to engage the PD community and support each other. This disease can be extremely isolating and challenging for both patients and caregivers. However, Team Fox Boston provides a way to channel these challenges into productive support for a cure, all while having a great time! Team Fox really is turning the lemon that is Parkinson's Disease into Lemonade 🍋!

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Will Clansky, Co-Chair

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease more than a decade ago. Though his disorder was easy to ignore at first, it became evident over the years that each day would be a struggle for him. He’s battled valiantly, but his is a fight that can’t be fought alone. That’s why I sought out a group that would afford me the opportunity to stand alongside him. I’m fortunate that Team Fox provided that outlet. Through fundraising, friendship, and outreach, this community has shown me what it means to welcome strangers with open arms and to work together toward a common goal — curing Parkinson’s.

Even more exciting, the passion and dedication I’ve witnessed over the past months inspired me to take on a challenge I would have never otherwise considered, which means that, last year, I ran the Boston Marathon for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Committee Chairs